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Tips & tricks for making small talk!

Whether you’re networking, meeting with a customer or simply talking to a colleague at your company’s Christmas party, being able to make small talk is a crucial skill to master – for your professional and personal life! However, we’re well aware that going up to strangers and engaging them in ‘casual’ conversation (even though it […]

How to get your brain to think faster in English

A question that I (and every other English trainer) often get is ‘’how can I learn to think faster in English? When I’m speaking, the words just don’t come to me fast enough!’’ If only we could just implant a chip in our brain or (maybe a bit less drastic…😉) take a pill to help […]

Understanding Business Idioms

I’ll never forgot the time when I was talking to a classmate and told her that a friend of mine had ‘’shot herself in the foot’’. My classmate gasped, shocked, and asked if my friend was OK? Was she in hospital? I laughed and reassured her that my friend had not actually taken a gun […]

How not to fall for false friends!

If you’re a native German speaker learning English, most of the time you should count yourself lucky: there is a lot of overlap between the German and English vocabulary, meaning that a lot of words are almost exactly the same in both languages. Lucky you, right? So why do I say ‘’most of the time’’? […]

English job interviews – a survival guide!

So you’ve applied for a new job and landed yourself an interview – fantastic, congratulations! For an hour or so you feel great, but then…panic strikes. How am I going to get through this?? Job interviews…we all have some sort of love-hate relationship with them, don’t we? After all, they may open the door to […]

A little progress each day adds up to big results

….is the quote which I posted on our Facebook page earlier this week and which gave me inspiration for this week’s blog post! I will be the first person to admit that learning a foreign language is a DAUNTING task. As a person who has studied several foreign languages I’ve been there, many times. Apart […]

Can watching TV in English really help me?

When it’s finally time to wind down after a long day at the office, you probably want nothing else than to sit yourself down on your couch with a [cup of tea / glass of wine / your drink of choice] and RELAX! Now, I understand that watching your favourite TV show or movie in […]

Ask politely, please!

Can I have Friday off? What’s wrong with this sentence? Technically (grammatically) speaking, nothing at all! However, if you were to ask your English-speaking boss this question, chances are you won’t get the day off! Why not? To a native English speaker, this request simply doesn’t sound very polite! English speakers are generally much less […]

To test or not to test…that is the question!

Some of you may be lucky enough to be learning English just for fun or personal development, without any pressure or deadline. However, one of the more common, less fun reasons for studying English is exam preparation: many companies, governments and universities require non-English speakers to sit an offical exam to establish their level of […]


The verbs do and make can be confusing in English, especially for German learners as both verbs usually translate as machen. English uses both make and do for machen, so as a German speaker you’ll have to choose! For example, you can say: do an exercise. But you can’t say: do a cake*. The phrase […]