Labor Day in the USA: What Non-Americans Need to Know

Labor Day in the USA: What Non-Americans Need to Know, New Blog Post from

Labor Day is today! What is Labor Day, and what do non-Americans need to know about it? 

This article will explore everything non-Americans should know about Labor Day in the USA. 

An American flag waving with the Sun shining brightly in the background.

Happy Labor Day to all Americans!

Labor Day is an annual celebration of American workers and the historical contribution of the labor movement that happens on the first Monday of September every year.

In 2022, it falls on Monday, September 5. 

Every Labor Day is a federal holiday, and since it falls on a Monday, this usually means a 3-day weekend for most Americans! 

What does that mean for non-Americans? 

Two key things.

First, if you work with Americans, you may notice that many people take their 2-weeks vacations during this time. But, even if they don’t take their vacations, don’t count on an American doing any work during Labor Day Weekend

Second, perhaps more importantly, if you/your company work in the US market, know that huge Labor Day SALES happen yearly! 

In fact, Labor Day is usually the most productive sales day of the year, after Black Friday! Since this time of year also corresponds with Back-to-School, this is especially true for any person/company selling educational materials. 

Besides buying a lot of things on sale…

How do Americans celebrate Labor Day? 

For most Americans, the annual celebration of Labor Day Weekend marks an unofficial end of summer. 

One of the most popular ways to celebrate the end of summer is to have a big family barbecue! So if you’re in the USA for a business trip and a colleague invites you to a BBQ (barbecue), say yes and consider yourself lucky! 

Some chicken and vegetables on a skewer, being grilled over a barbecue grill.

“Come on and get some BBQ!”

Comparing Labor Day with Other Holidays

Most of Europe celebrates its workers on May 1, International Workers’ Day, commemorating the adaptation of an 8-hour work day at the end of the 19th century. 

May 1 is known as “Labour Day” in some countries. 


Notice the spelling here, as it differs in American (labor) and British English (labour)! 

Top 3 tips for non-Americans on Labor Day: 

  1. Remember that this is a federal holiday: people aren’t working! 
  2. Use the opportunity for a big SALE of your products and/or services! 
  3. Finally, if you’re in America at this time, don’t miss the opportunity to attend a BBQ! 

Happy Labor Day to our American friends and colleagues! 

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And find out more about Labor Day with these sources:

  • Basic introduction on the New Encyclopedia, here.
  • Interesting New York Times article about the controversy surrounding the “founder” of Labor Day, here.