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Doreen Büschel, M.Sc.

Inhaberin von english to go, English Trainer, Cambridge Certified

Ich liebe es, Englisch richtig gut sprechen zu können! Als non-native speaker weiß ich aber auch, worauf es beim Sprachenlernen ankommt. Als ich zum Auslandsstudium nach Schweden ging, merkte ich erst, wie wenig ich tatsächlich Englisch SPRECHEN konnte mit meinem “Schulenglisch”. Nach meinem Abschluß des Masterstudiums in Schweden verbrachte ich die folgenden Jahre als Entwicklungshelferin in Afrika und sprach auch dort ausschließlich Englisch, womit es mir fast zur zweiten Muttersprache geworden ist. Als ich zurück nach Deutschland kam, zog es mich nach Berlin, wo ich english to go gründete. Meine Erfahrungen im Bereich Umweltmanagement sind eine perfekte Grundlage, um Ihnen auf diesem Gebiet Sprachkenntnisse zu vermitteln. Ich freue mich auf das Training mit Ihnen!

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Lucky Charm and PR Booster

Barbie is everybody’s darling and cheers things up. Plus, she never barks up the wrong tree!

Unser Trainer Laurence

Laurence Gardner

Native Speaker, English trainer, CELTA Certified

I’m a native English speaker from the UK. I’ve been teaching business and conversational English for over ten years in Germany, Spain, Brazil, and my native England. My qualifications include a BA in English Literature from the University of Oxford, an MA in English Studies from Heidelberg University, and a CELTA Certificate from CLIC Sevilla. Aside from teaching English, I have also written a Pearson grammar book designed to help students pass the International GCSE, worked as a translator (Spanish to English), and I currently work part-time as a scriptwriter for a videogame company. My interests include film and television screenwriting and directing, literature, travel, football, and food. 

Camille LeBlanc Liederman, M.A.

Native Speaker & Content Creator/Social Media Manager

I’m a native English speaker who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, but I’ve been living abroad full-time since 2017. I speak fluent French, proficient Arabic, basic Hebrew and Latin, and I am currently learning German. My personal experience with how profoundly one’s worldview can expand when learning other languages is exactly why I became a language teacher and anthropologist. For more than seven years, I’ve taught English in a wide variety of circumstances–in 4 different countries; in-person, fully online, and hybrid learning; with both individuals and groups; with every proficiency level and specialized classes (especially Business and Academic English); with children and adults. Fun fact: I’m also a professional astrologer and have found amazing connections between astrology and language learning. I’m amped to apply everything I’ve learned to my work with English-to-go!


Katelyn Fournier, M.A.

Native Speaker, English Trainer

I am a native English speaker from Portland, Oregon, and I am a freelance filmmaker and English teacher. I am comfortable working with clients who want to use more advanced, academic, or business English, and I prefer to take an approach that is tailored to the individual. I am currently learning German at a B1 level, and I have also studied some Spanish and Italian. As a freelancer living in Germany for almost 4 years, I work as a sound recordist, documentary production assistant, editor, and English teacher. I earned my Bachelor of Arts from New York University and my Master of Arts from Met Film School Berlin. I look forward to working with students who are passionate and curious about learning another language, and want to explore how they can appreciate their own unique perspectives. 

one of our trainers

Cigdem Karatas, M.A.

English Trainer, Turkish Native Speaker

My interest in English began the moment I was old enough to read. Almost immediately, I enrolled in English classes and started to speak and read in English as much as I could. I decided to pursue my passion at a young age, attending an American middle and high school. After, I earned my BA in English literature. My journey has ultimately brought me to Berlin, where I earned my MA in American Literature and Culture at the Freie Universität. I’ve been teaching English for eight years. My native language is Turkish and I have a lot of experience teaching English to native Turkish speakers. Having the firsthand experience of learning English as a second language allows me to understand and fully empathize with the people I’m teaching. Currently, I’m focusing on teaching in Berlin and learning German. I’m deeply interested in people and stories, s, I’m extremely happy to have this opportunity to meet different people through my job.