5 Ways to Take Your English-To-Go

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5 Ways to Take Your English-To-Go

Did you know there are effortless ways to practice English anywhere and anytime? Here are 5 super easy ways to take your English to go. 

But first, what does it mean to take something to go

If you’ve ever been to a café, you’ve probably been asked whether you’d like to drink your coffee here or to go

When you take something “to go,” it means you take it with you and can go anywhere with it. 

You can easily do this in English–especially if you’ve got some personalized recommendations from an English expert! 

Here are the 5 easiest ways to take your English to go! 

#1 Listen to podcasts in fields that interest you.

There are some fantastic podcasts specifically about the English language…

…BUT TO BE HONEST, if your goal is to listen to something every day, you’re much more likely to stick with that goal if it’s exciting and entertaining! 

There are approximately 66 million podcast episodes out there in the world today. So chances are, you’ll find something that you’re into! 

#2 Follow English-speaking social media accounts.

Most of us forget that our social media feeds are something we control. You can “curate” your feed like a museum curates an exhibition. 

If you really want to take your English to go, start following English-speaking social media accounts, like @EnglishToGo.Berlin on Meta and @EnglishToGo_BLN on Twitter. 

By the way: these don’t all have to be work-related! 

  • Follow some cute animals (like AnimalsDoingThings on Instagram)! 
  • Follow some good news networks (like Upworthy on any of their platforms)! 
  • Follow some travel influencers (like Tommy from Sabbatical on any of his platforms)! 
  • Finally, follow some hashtags about the “facts” for something you’re super into–for example, #hydrogenfacts or #climateactivismfacts. 

#3 Read and listen to poems.

One of the most effective ways to master English is by reading and listening to poems, which are super easy to take to go! 

You can even sign up for a Poem-A-Day Newsletter, like the one from the Academy of American Poets

#4 Use English-speaking guided meditations.

Using English-speaking guided meditations is so underrated. 

But, it’s an excellent way to not only take your English to go but to eliminate a lot of the stress and anxiety that comes with speaking in a language that’s not your native one

You can find tons of them for free on Youtube! Like this extremely popular and helpful 3-min meditation from Deepak Chopra

#5 Choose one word or phrase you’ll only use in English that day.

Every day, choose one word or phrase that you will only use in English for the entire day. This is the best way to truly integrate new vocabulary words on the go. 

Mixing it into your native language will enable your brain to form new connections so that the next time you use it in English, it’ll feel completely natural! 

Key Takeaways 

(This is an intentional pun: takeaway is a synonym of to go!)

Learning another language requires a lot of practice, and everyone learns differently, so it’s always best to get personalized coaching that fits your specific needs

That’s what we specialize in at English-to-go! So book your free inquiry call HERE! What are you waiting for?