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5 Ways to Take Your English-To-Go

5 Ways to Take Your English-To-Go Did you know there are effortless ways to practice English anywhere and anytime? Here are 5 super easy ways to take your English to go.  But first, what does it mean to take something to go?  If you’ve ever been to a café, you’ve probably been asked whether you’d […]

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Is the Passive Voice bad writing?

If you’ve read that the passive voice is “bad writing,” you’ve been misled.  In fact, there are many times when it is an essential requirement for “good writing,” for example, in academic work. But, there are certain dos and don’ts when using the passive voice in English, and knowing them will make a big difference […]

Labor Day in the USA: What Non-Americans Need to Know

Labor Day is today! What is Labor Day, and what do non-Americans need to know about it?  This article will explore everything non-Americans should know about Labor Day in the USA.  Labor Day is an annual celebration of American workers and the historical contribution of the labor movement that happens on the first Monday of […]