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Learning english | Find the right word at the right time

German speakers often mix up the words before and ago. Learn how to get it right!

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Denglish to english in easy steps

Tell me which one is correct. They came to the office yesterday or they came yesterday to the office?

She screams and he screams

A sweet way to remember to add the "s" verb ending in english, when you talk about a "she" a "he" or an "it".

Hard or hardly, what is the difference?

You may know the general rule in english, add “ly” to the end of an adjective to make an adverb, that is a word which describes how a verb or an action took place . Like quiet and quietly, slow and slowly. But hard and hardly are exceptions.
Too many sugar cubes, too much sugar

Much or many? Which word is right?

So when should you say "too much" or "too many" in english?